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2017 NIBA Officers & Board of Directors

· President:           Tom Gerber     (815-312-3964)


· Vice President:    Kim Kraemer    (312-730-7469)


· Treasurer:           Cindy Kline      (224-569-6210)                     

· Secretary:           Mary Krasko    (815-879-2414)                


Board Members

Jim Berkland            630-479-6610

Bill Fulton                818-673-8694

Joyce Kraemer

Rich Krasko             815-879-2414 

Ray Ward                 815-732-4641




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Darin & Brooke Aldridge

Brashler’s Barn


It was a typical summer Sunday evening with the new air conditioners humming away at the barn with some amazing close-up and personal music from Darin and Brooke’s band.



Until the whole area lost power!



The band stopped momentarily, then unplugged, stepped out in from of the mikes and continued the concert! OK, so it was a little hot with the humidity and windows closed and now no air conditioning.


Mike Brashler and team decided to take a break while their team decides if we should regroup either downstairs in the barn or outside.


Lois had made various types of scrumptious cookies. We had a nice break had some time to visit with the band, buy some CD’s and enjoy the rustic Brashler property.


After the break, the Brashler team had decided that they could get a few generators going, some fans, open the windows, set up a reduced sound system. More terrific harmonies and pickin’ ensued.



Until the storm started!


The storm was particularly violent with 60-70mph winds and hail. The sound was so loud on the old barn roof and rain was coming in the windows that the concert stopped one more time.


An old barn on the property had one side collapse due to the storm!




After the storm ended, three of the band members sat down and played a few more songs with some wonderful harmony.

Darin and Brooke Aldridge are the consummate professionals as well as amazing artists! During all that occurred they still found a way to continue to perform their amazing music.


Kudos go out to Mike and Lois Brashler and their team who did an amazing job dealing with it all!




NIBA Dates to Remember:


Jul 16 : Country Music Show, Dekalb


Aug 10 : Sycamore Steam Show


Aug 20 : Plano Superfest


Sept 17 : NIBA Picnic, Illini State Park


Dec 2    : NIBA Christmas Party,

                     Harding Community Center




Member Submission

Elsie Ness (Jeanette)



B eautiful Music

L ots of Fun

U nited People

E veryone Welcome

G reat Food

R elaxing Atmosphere

A ctually Live

S ongs Continuously

S uper Company


J ams everywhere

A wesome Environment

M usic galore

S atisfying time


What’s Happening

What happened to the day

Everyone wanted to play?

Timeslots were filled to the brim

Some were not able to get in!

Seating capacity was full

So let us do together pull!

Do your part and help to revive

and keep Bluegrass alive!


Same Old – Same Old

To all bands

In bluegrass land

when at a jam

Be a ham

Try Songs that are new

There a more than a few

no need to stew

If you have no clue

What you are going to do

We will still love you

We enjoy the old

But would like something new and bold

Thank You



Musicians and everyone

When you come to play, pick and have fun

Please share

and show you care

Help sponsor by putting money into the pot

Jams cost a lot

If no one is there to support and hear

Say goodbye to jams you held so dear

So, musicians and fans take heed

Bluegrass is something we need

Keep Bluegrass alive

Don’t let it take a dive


The Frankfort 2017 Bluegrass Festival


This FREE festival just gets better and larger each year! If you have never attended this festival try to be sure to attend next year, you will not regret it! Here a few pics, not room for all of them! So attend next year to see them all!


Eric Lambert & Steve Haberichter opened the Fest!


Chicagoland’s own local band Growler


Special Consensus


Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper

The Steeldrivers

Text Box: A note from your Pres.

Hello Fellow Bluegrassers
    What a great summer it has been so far. We are in for more great entertainment also. The Pontiac festival is coming up. Unfortunately, it may be the last one if someone does not step up and take over. What a sad thing for such a great event. 
Also, two rivers is coming up which is always a great venue. Hope to see you there. 
    On a sad note we have lost a few great people recently and some are in the hospital. I know they have our love as always.
    The NIBA officers have selected a student for the Scholarship fund. Congratulations to Lidia Templeton. 
    The Frankfort Bluegrass Festival was a great success. It was wall to wall people. The weather was great and the bands and galley were the best! Great sound also. They always put on an event that has everyone speaking about it for a long time.
    We will have another Scholarship jam on August 26th. It will be held at the Earlville township hall again. Hope to see you all there.
Be sure to check out the “events to remember” section of the paper.

Tom Gerber, President, NIBA



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