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Text Box: A note form your Pres.

Hello fellow bluegrassers! The local jam sessions are running down. The next (2) will be the end of them for the season. Harding and Triumph will be the last local jams of the season. Make sure you come show your support! The festival season is upon us! The first is the Chet Kingery Memorial Festival. Several families from the local community will be attending, including me.  I will be taking my trailer to Lake Shelby for some great camping and music. The host band is Mackville, who is also preforming at our NIBA festival in July. 

On a sad note, we are announcing the passing of Glenna Paterson. Glenna was a long time member of the NIBA and always showed her support to the group and all the members. She will be dearly missed. She was proceeded one year ago by her husband George. They also enjoyed car shows and would frequently visit the show in Sandwich. 

Unfortunately our printer has closed shop and we are currently searching for a new printer. If anyone has any suggestions, please reach out to me directly. 

To end on an uplifting note, I would like to say that we have added several new members this month! Its good to see the vision of the bluegrass is still alive! Please keep inviting your friends and family to join us at the jams, festivals, and shindigs.

Also, please donít forget about the scholarship jam coming, itís the 5th Saturday in June (6/29/2024). This will be held at the Earl Township Community Center in Earlville.  

Best regards, Tom.


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