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    Thank you to all who came out to play at the Sycamore Steam Show! Next year perhaps we can get more people to come help out and attend and/or perform at NIBA volunteer events.

The NIBA picnic will be held Sunday September 22nd at Illini State Park at the Mallard Bay pavilion. This event is for NIBA members only and paid for by your membership dues. Please bring a dish to pass. Fried Chicken and drinks will be supplied. The picnic starts at noon. Bring lawn chairs although there will be some picnic tables as well. Of course, bring your instruments. It should be a great jam right on the Illinois River!

Kim Kraemer
President, NIBA

Hello Bluegrass Enthusiasts!

NIBA Key Dates to Remember


  Sep 22 : NIBA Picnic – Illini State Park

  Dec 15 : NIBA Christmas Party – Sugar Grove

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 9/27-28 Heritage Bluegrass Festival, Bloomington

10/11-10/13 Eden Valley Old Time and Bluegrass Jam



Swannanoa Music Camp 2019 (Cont.)


     The jams are outside under tents with rope lights.  The public comes out to join some of the jams.  Rains make the ground muddy sometimes under the tents, but not this year.  There is a beer tent and a food truck open every evening and into the night.  I liked the sweet potato fries from the food truck.  Dad bought sodas and water bottles at the beer tent.  


    The college has air conditioning in the classrooms and in one residence hall.  The campers fill at least 5 other residence halls on campus.  Opening windows in your dorm room at night means letting in the bugs.  We had no screen the first year we went.  This year the screen was about to fall off.  There is no bug abatement at Swannanoa.  The spider webs inside and out can be immense.  If you are there jamming at night, spray yourself for bugs. 


     Because the students care for the college, and the work force was reduced in consecutive years, the bathrooms on campus do smell bad by the end of the week.  Poison ivy can be found on the frequently used paths.  The fun and dangerous part of the mountains is the presence of bears.  Last year a bear came up to a classroom window to have its picture taken.  Speaking of pictures, the camp photographer gets good class pictures that we purchase every year.


[Editor’s note: Kemedy won 1st place for Fiddler under 16 at the Illinois State Fair this year!]

Swannanoa Music Camp 2019

Kemedy Hauser


     I went to Swannanoa music camp in Western North Carolina during the week of Independence Day.  The mountains are beautiful to someone who lives in flat Illinois.  We had up to 4 75-minute classes per day.  There were 3 nightly faculty concerts.  We had student bands that were coached.  There was a “Contradance” on Thursday night.  Jams were organized by style of music, but public and free to join at any time, and the jams were all outside.  The student bands and some of the classes performed on Friday.  Warren Wilson College is recognized as one of the greenest in the country.  The students care for the grounds of the college as well as the interior maintenance.


     The week I attended was fiddle and mando/banjo week.  Several styles of music were covered.  I liked the variety of choices to add to my bluegrass fiddle playing.  I took a “Pursuing Possibilities class” that taught changing tunes to create new tunes.  I also took an “Advanced Bluegrass Fiddle” class. It taught many different aspects of fiddling. There was another class called “Theory for Fiddlers” that was showing how to interpret music theory on a fiddle. My last class of the day was “Advanced Improvisation.” In this class, we learn syncopation through clave rhythms and a tune by John Hartford called “Scapin Through the Roof” in B Dorian.


     I really liked my band this time around. The players in my band were all highly skilled at their instruments. We played “Midnight Moonlight” by Old and In the Way. Four of us played breaks while my dad just played backup bass.



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