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2017 NIBA Officers & Board of Directors

· President:           Kim Kraemer    (815-383-9329)


· Vice President:  Tom Gerber      (815-312-3964)


Treasurer:              James Kardelis (708-633-9854)                                               


· Secretary:           Mary Krasko    (815-879-2414)                


Board Members

Jim Berkland            630-479-6610

Dave Erickson          630-746-1445

Joyce Kraemer          630 852-8088

Rich Krasko             815-879-2414 

Ted Seed                 815-246-6333





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Text Box: A Note from the Prez

Greetings Bluegrassers!

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

The NIBA Christmas Party & Chili Cook-Off will be Sunday Dec 8th. Please attend the Christmas party as attendance has been very low in the past few years. If we do not get enough people then perhaps it is time to stop having it.

In this issue, please find the ballot to elect your NIBA board members for the 2020 year.  We need to elect a president, secretary and two board members. 

Thank you in advance for voting! See ballot on Page 2 of the Newsletter.

The board is looking for a new place to hold the NIBA Festival. The Sandwich Fairgrounds for camping and performances at Fox Valley Older Adults Banquet Hall appears to be the best location under consideration. Please let us know if you have another suggestion at a board meeting, call us, or email at 

Kim Kraemer
President, NIBA

Hello Bluegrass Enthusiasts!

NIBA Key Dates to Remember


Sunday Dec 8: NIBA Christmas Party

                         & Chili Cook-Off


Noon-5:00 Bring dish to pass


Harding Community Center

1625 N 40th Rd, Earlville, IL 60518


Other Key Dates


Dec 1: Toys for Tots Toys Drive

           DeKalb, Il

Member Submission


If you need to sell a guitar…..

I was able to sell all three of Ed Cornell’s guitars through Steve Haberichter of

Down Home Guitars at 11 S. White St. Frankfort, IL 60423. 

Their phone number is (815) 469-6321. 

Their website is


I have no connection to the company other than being a satisfied client.


Two of Ed’s guitars were Martins.   The third one was a Bourgeois.  I had never heard of the brand so I Googled it to verify the spelling.  It turned out that Bourgeois is a high-end brand.   Down Home was listed as a supplier so I called some bluegrass friends, who verified that they considered Down Home a reputable company.


We brought the guitars to Steve and he carefully evaluated the potential prices.  He did an outstanding job in selling the consigned guitars.   There is a commission involved, but that includes photos, advertising, professional pricing, ability to use a credit card for the purchase and a nationwide customer base. The Bourgeois wound up being sold out of state.


Over the years, I have often seen instruments listed in the NIBA newsletter and I wondered how the seller determined the price.  A private individual also doesn’t take credit cards.   I think those were a big part in my decision to sell the guitars through a professional dealer.   Over the years, I have been to a number of guitar shops.  Down Home’s main sales area is bright and open and give a very “upscale vibe”.  There may be other dealers who can provide the same service, but I highly recommend Down Home Guitars. 


Thank you.


Lee Cornell – NIBA Member


[Thanks for the feedback Lee!]



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