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NIBA Members!

I hope everyone had a terrific holiday season. Here’s hoping 2022 is a better year and we get past the Covid-19 pandemic to the extent that we can function normally again. 

The Harding, Triumph and Grand Ridge jams are all cancelled for Jan  2022 due to Covid concerns.

The weather was perfect for the NIBA Christmas Party. We had a number of hardy souls, It would have been nice to see more people come out to the NIBA events though. Does anyone have any ideas of how to increase event attendance? Email or mail us with your thoughts.

A new jam at Northwood Hearty Home in Crete is now on 1st Tuesdays. They have a separate room now that is set aside for jamming now at this event so the background restaurant/bar noise is not a factor.

So we had one hardy person, Stephen Moller, step forward with an interest in being the NIBA board president. Since he is brand new to the organization I have agreed to one additional term while he acclimates himself to our organization. Send us some information on your interest in helping out with events or running for the board to

Kim Kraemer 
President, Northern Illinois Bluegrass Association


NIBA Board


· President:           Kim Kraemer    (815-383-9329)


· Vice President:   Ted Seed         (815-246-6333)


·  Treasurer:            James Kardelis (708-633-9854)


· Secretary:           Margaret Seed  (815-246-6333)



Board Members

Joyce Kraemer         630 852-8088

William Seed            815-252-4673

Mellisa Nickel           815-228-9856

Joe Michelotti           630-290-1675





Please make all submissions for this newsletter by the 15th of each month to Send all printed copy and photos to:  NIBA, PO Box 495, Ottawa, IL 61350. This newsletter is copyrighted by the NIBA. 


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